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Difference between window lifter and lift window

When buying a smart car window product, there will be a lift function or other special functions in the introduction of the functional configuration. What is the difference between the lift function and the traditional window lifter, which one is better when buying? We can analyze it in terms of features, price and installation. One. Function: Compared with the traditional products that only have the function of locking the window of the car, in addition to the window can be lowered by remote control, most manufacturers will increase the suspension of work during the lifting process and the intelligent retention of the four windows, and even increase the one-button lift of the four windows. The window (AUTO) can be described in a variety of functions. two. In terms of price: the lifting window has many functions and high cost. In addition to the wiring harness and motherboard components being more complicated than traditional window lifting devices, the research and development cost will be higher, so most brands will price the lifting window higher than the single lifting window Out a lot. three. In terms of installation: The traditional window lifter was listed earlier, and has developed from an early universal full-wiring to a special plug-in product for special vehicles. The wiring of most products is relatively simple. Compared with the traditional window lifter, the lifting window product is not complicated in terms of wiring. Conventional models only have one "central control unlocking belt with instant positive wire". There is no essential difference between the two installation methods. four. Product stability: In addition to the direct relationship between product performance and workmanship and materials, the functional category of the product also has an impact. The more functional the product, the higher the probability of failure.         Selection suggestions: I recommend that when you choose a product, you must purchase a product suitable for the vehicle in accordance with your actual needs, and you cannot buy a multifunctional product because of the promotion of the merchant. To comprehensively consider the installation and after-sales terms, you can buy the product you are satisfied with.

Does installing an automatic window lifter affect the car?

With the development of the economy, the popularity of automobiles is getting higher and higher, and vehicle safety has become a concern for many car owners. The installation of automotive electronics has become one of the necessary equipment for many car owners. In view of the fact that most vehicles are not equipped with intelligent control windows when they leave the factory, the intelligent window lifter is designed to improve vehicle safety and prevent the loss of property in the car or the rain or snow due to the failure to close the window after the car is locked. Tianjinshui's products have naturally become one of the hottest automotive electronic products on the market. At the same time, many car owner friends will have such doubts before choosing to install the smart window lifter. Will this product affect the vehicle's line safety and maintenance? Let's start with the installation of smart window lifters.     Due to the different working methods of the window control system when vehicles from various manufacturers leave the factory, and in order to facilitate installation, the current smart window lifters on the market are dedicated products for special vehicles. According to the installation method and the composition of the product hardware, we can classify them into two types: OBD computer detection port plug-in type and original car transfer plug-in type.     The CAN bus protocol communicates with the original car computer. When the vehicle lock signal and unlock signal are received, the original car computer sends work instructions to the window system, and the original car system completes the automatic window-up, window-down and other functions. The main features of this type of product are: 1. Easy installation, just plug directly into the OBD computer detection port, without disassembling the vehicle, just start the vehicle once. 2. Compatible with the original car system program and dual use, will not affect other functions of the original car. 3. Using high-precision components, it only needs to send signals to the original car system, and the product consumes very low power. 4. Can be reused. When the vehicle needs to use the original car inspection port, it can be pulled out and plugged in again. This type of product is mostly used in European and American models, such as Shanghai GM, Audi, BMW and other models are mostly this type of product.     The original car transfer plug type is installed in the position of the original car window control switch. The principle is to directly install a control host through the original vehicle adapter plug. When the vehicle lock signal and unlock signal are received, the host triggers or directly supplies power to the window lift motor to complete the automatic closing or lowering of the window. The main features are: 1. Special connector for the special car, the interface can match the original car, will not damage the original car line, and greatly reduce the tedious wiring and wiring. 2. When the product is in non-working state, the host is in a low-power sleep state, and the vehicle will not suffer from power loss. Only when it receives the central control lock signal will it wake up again. 3. It will not interfere with the functions of the computer ECU or other components of the original car. The products are installed in the glass control circuit, most of them are in the door, and the main components such as the instrument in the car are in different positions and circuits. 4. Anti-overload protection. The main board of the window lifter is equipped with a power protection circuit. At the same time, the product has a fuse. The fuse specification is lower than the original car glass window fuse. When the current overload or short circuit occurs, it will blow first to protect the original car circuit. Affected.     Therefore, the installation of the smart window lifter will not affect the car. In addition, according to relevant laws and regulations after the installation of the smart window lifter, 4S stores still have to perform the maintenance and repairs agreed upon when purchasing the car. The owner can enjoy the national regulations. Warranty policy. However, because the smart window lifter is a retrofitted product, there are certain requirements for the quality of the product and the installation technology. Therefore, it is also recommended that the majority of car owners, when buying products, we must pay attention to the brand, try to choose a good reputation, quality and reliable brands, manufacturers with strong research and development production capacity, but also to find technically qualified modification personnel, not because of the price Cheap or false propaganda causing unnecessary losses.

Routine maintenance of car horn

Routine maintenance of car horns: (1) Sometimes it doesn't ring Press the horn switch, if the horn sometimes sounds, sometimes does not sound, most of the contacts inside the horn switch do not make good contact, and some are also problems of the horn itself. (2) Husky Mostly due to the poor contact of the plug, especially the contacts around the steering wheel, due to frequent use, the contacts are prone to wear. (3) No sound at all First check the fuse to see if it is blown, then unplug the horn, and use a multimeter to measure whether there is electricity when pressing the horn switch. If there is no power, check the horn harness and horn relay; If there is electricity, it is a problem with the horn itself. At this time, you can also try to adjust the adjustment nut on the horn to see if it can produce sound. If it still does not sound, you need to replace the horn.

What caused the horn not to sound

1. Poor contact The car's horn has its own set of simple lines. When people press the horn button, the line will be connected, so that the horn will ring. If the line of the horn is faulty or there is a poor contact anywhere, it is very May cause the horn to not sound. 2.The button is broken There is a button for the horn in the car. The driver only needs to press the button when he wants to sound the horn. If the button of the horn is used for a long time, it is easy to cause the button to break. If the button is broken, the circuit of the horn cannot be switched on. As a result, the horn does not sound. 3.Electric burnout When people press the horn, they need two electric contacts to make the horn sound. If people like to press the horn frequently and very hard, it may cause electric shock and burn out. Once the electric shock burns out, the horn will naturally burn. It won't ring. 4.The speaker is damp The car's horn accessories are generally closed, which can prevent the horn from getting wet. If people don't pay attention to the moisture when washing the car or the seal is damaged, it is easy to let the inside of the horn get wet, which will cause the horn not to sound.

Car anti-theft tips

How do you prevent theft in your life? You will put your valuables in the compartment, and today I will learn how to prevent theft of your car with the editor, so that your property will not be stolen. When you are not in the car, even if it is tens of seconds, do not leave the key on the car, be sure to turn off the car and lock it, and remove the key. After getting in the car, please close the windows tightly and don't leave the spare key in the car, in case the thief finds it and drives the car away. Do not let the car start when not in the car. Make sure that the trunk, door and igniter of the car are locked with different locks. In this way, at least 3 keys are required when the criminal steals the car. When driving to a public place, do not leave the car on behalf of others, otherwise it will be easy for criminals to take the opportunity to assign the key. The remote control of the anti-theft device and the car key should be separated and never put together. To prevent theft of the car, the owner should pay attention to the manufacturer and model of the car; the number, color, and model of the car license; the size and type of the engine, including various changes; the number of all car keys; the car license and registration number; the insurance company And the name of the insurance agent; the date and place of purchase of the car; special signs of the car. This way, once the vehicle is recovered by the police, you can quickly identify it and it is more convenient to make a claim with the insurance company. Many times the car is stolen because of carelessness. For example, sometimes for the sake of convenience, the car is often parked in a remote place or without a camera. Illegal elements often seize the car owner's belief that the car is not easy to be stolen, and theft of a car is often an instant matter. If you park your car in a caretaker area, compensation will be paid even if it is stolen. And sometimes car thieves don't come for car theft. Many drivers have attracted thieves because they carelessly placed their mobile phones and wallets in the car. No matter how well your car's anti-theft system is, you can't stop it. Thieves remember, some high-tech thieves use electronic devices to drive the door, and some thieves simply open the windows with slabs, so try not to put valuables in the car, and take them with you. Note that checking your car is also an everyday homework. In rainy or noisy environments, pay attention to the short sound of the immobilizer. Police interrogation found that one of the common methods used by thieves was to deliberately touch the target body before the theft, and even kicked their feet. When they heard the sound of anti-theft devices such as alarms, they quickly avoided it. At this time, the owner must stand up to check, otherwise the car thief finds that the owner does not pay attention, and will quickly cut off the alarm line and drive away. Installing anti-theft is the most common method, and its cost is relatively low. It will automatically alarm if the door is opened or closed abnormally and the vehicle body is abnormally shaken. If the car owner is far away, it can only be placed on other people, and the most embarrassing thing is that it is not so humane, and often thunderstorms or passersby will keep ringing. In addition, various types of mechanical anti-theft devices can also be used. Although most of them are bulky, they are cheap and exacerbate the difficulty of car theft by car thieves, delaying time, causing car theft to be completed in a short time, and can also cause people to Suspicion prevented it from being stolen smoothly.
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